We updated our packaging

Thanks to some great advice about presentation, we've updated our packaging! We are gift wrapping the invites to add a bit of surprise to their day.. maybe we just love seeing brides rip open tissue paper like little kids. :)

Heathstones Business Cards

These cards are 160# (duplexed) in Neenah Enviroment and Classic Crest papers,
in black, gold and silver metalic inks.

Wayzgoose '11

This was our submission to wayzgoose '11 in Grimsby, Ontario. With 11 passes through the press this was the major work of our little press' life. With hand set lead type and hand cut lino - I cant even count how many hours went into this. I had to bring in a dry devil 2nd pressman to help complete it on time.

Personal Stationery

Cards in Strathmore Wove, baby blue and black inks,
scored with matching blind debossed envelopes.

Letterpressing VIDS

Heres what we do :) Enjoy!

CMYK and Letterpress

This was my first foray into full colour offset backed to letterpressed crane lettra. I was curious as to how this 'mixed media' would be recieved, and also if it would be possible to register. This job is taking forever to duplex and finish - four hours and counting at the cutting station. We've got 100 cards out and 400 to go.. thought I'd share the results.

The first two images shows the difference between Strathmore (not cotton) and Crane (100% cotton) papers in the letterpress. Crane loves ink - it soaks it up :)

Doubletime Pressing

This project had me delving into things such as double hits, mixing inks, various papers, tons of experiments with packing. I took some neat videos which I will post soon, as soon as I can figure out how to post videos in blogger.

Do write me comments - I know my practices and methods might not be historically correct but I do love hearing from you's all. You can log in with your gmail account if you dont have a blog. :) Alright, clean up time!

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