The Crane That Will Not Fly

Well, another interesting day in the letterpress shop..

I've been spending the day printing my 'promotional' invitations on 110lb Crane Lettra with the new supplier of photopolymer. This is the first time I've had these crazy issues. The letters are very messy and nothing is very clear on the print. I tried putting the paper every which way.. changing the packing a million times - hard stuff - soft stuff and nothing is getting the print clear.

I accidentally dropped a piece of paper through the press and in an odd irony the photopolymer made a beautifully clear print on the tympan!

I finished about 25 prints before deciding to try again another day. Any suggestions would be amazing. I did use a different supplier for the photopolymer with this job.

another thing I learned with this job - wash off remaining press wash after switching colours or your ink starts to run like blooooood... eeewww!



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